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Ego Pharmaceuticals – Global Support Centre

Ego Pharmaceuticals - Global Support Centre

Ego was established by a young chemist Gerald Oppenheim, and his wife, Rae, a nurse recognized the demand for products to repair and keep healthy skin. In their laundry room at their suburb Melbourne home, they came up with Ego Pine Tar Bath Solution which later became Pinetarsol and is one of Australia’s most commonly utilized inflammation treatments. Since its inception, Ego continues to study and develop treatments and products to take care of and satisfy the needs of the skin of everyone.

Gerald Oppenheim passed away in 1995 and left his estate, Ego, to the family. The sons of his deceased father, Alan Oppenheim the Managing Director along with David Oppenheim both sit on the Board of Directors. And Dr. Jane Oppenheim, Alan’s wife who is the Director of Operations and Scientific Research.

A proudly owned and operated company in Australia, Ego Pharmaceuticals has led the way in the creation manufacturing, marketing and distribution of cutting-edge skincare products for over 60 years. Their aim is to provide products to help people have healthy skin. Ego is a leading expert in skincare and is with the backing of science. They produce its products from Australia for people all over all over the world. They offer consistently high-quality products, backed by heritage and honesty.

Since its beginning as a family-owned business beginning in the year 1953 Ego was able to grow into a global leader with a wide skincare and health-care range available for purchase across Australia as well as around the globe. Their success is built by consistently providing quality, effective and high-end products that can meet a broad variety of requirements, and they’re dedicated to creating the highest-quality skin care products for their clients.

They have hundreds of reviews which show that customers trust Ego to take care of their skin each day.

The name “Ego” is an abbreviation to refer to Erwin as well as Gerald Oppenheim. Doctor. Erwin Oppenheim, Gerald’s father, was dermatologist.

Their research into their products is focused on providing better benefits to consumers, in addition to lower costs. They constantly enhance their processes and improve their standards. They invest in top-quality equipment to achieve a better outcome over the long term. They meet or exceed what is required by the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements of government agencies. Medical professionals have endorsed their products due to their high-quality reputation and research. Their products work which is why their customers repurchase and refer them to friends. They are proud and enthused in knowing they are selling the top products.

Every employee is crucial for their company’s success. They provide top quality service to their employees. Every task within Ego is so crucial or critical that time is not available to do it safely. Everyone at Ego is aware of the importance of each other’s life, both personal and familial. Their values mean that their employees are excited to come to work. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging. They’re informal and encourage interaction. They encourage one another to do their goals. They challenge each other to constantly enhance. They invest in education and training their staff to always enhance their skills. They pick the people who are committed to the Values and have the most effective skills through an honest, fair and a thorough procedure. They are proud and respectful about the variety of their workforce. They are tolerant and accept the culture of every nation where they work.

Everyone respects and safeguards the personal information of Ego as well as that of all employees. They will not accept unethical demands by their partners in business or government employees. (The legislation of Australia as well as other countries require all Ego employees from all countries to not make illegal payments to officials of the government.) The Code of Ethics for Ego employees is the code that guides their employees who support Ego’s Values of Ego.

They employ the science and creative energy to design and develop new products. Innovation in products, systems and even to Ego will be encouraged, and accepted. They take a bold approach. They are expanding into new regions and develop new business models. They invest in the long-term. They build their new ventures to last. Whatever job a person holds at Ego they expect employees to think outside of the box, to think of new ways to innovate and change the way they conduct things. (They adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), however, they encourage innovation of SOPs by implementing improvements processes.) They encourage their staff to be honest whenever they make a error. They learn from their mistakes and from their successes. Employees are encouraged to grow and share their expertise with one another.

The company listens to its clients and anticipate their requirements. They cherish their relationships that are built on trust, open communications and a moral partnership. They aim to provide superior customer service for customers, distributors and healthcare professionals. They are determined to transform customers into advocates for Ego. They are open to engaging with and help support communities and service organizations.

They feel a sense being equal, sharing and of being friendly, accessible and casual. They appreciate open conversations from everyone. They would like to hear and get to know. They respect one another. They make their discussions based on the facts. Everyone is members within the Ego team and cooperate to support one another. Every employee has a dedication to each other’s continued success, and Ego’s continued growth. Every employee contributes to helping other employees to achieve success. The commitment of each employee to ethical conduct and quality, as well as their loyalty to each other (employee and the company) is a key element of being part of the Ego spirit.


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