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Haileybury, Keysborough

Haileybury, Keysborough

Awarded as a top public school Haileybury provides a truly enriching learning experience. By focusing on innovative education and teaching, the students are able to learn more, be more successful and grow.

Haileybury is a unique program that Haileybury program is designed to meet the needs of each stage of education that helps build strong and independent learners with strong determination to succeed and the ability to think critically in leadership, decision-making and business. Students leave Haileybury as competent young adults who have a passion of learning, able to face life on the international stage and motivated to become active and productive citizens of society.

Since the year 1892 when they were first opened to five staff members and 17 students, Haileybury has been a center of continuous growth: teaching, learning and the location have all experienced radical changes in order to becoming the school it is today.

They’ve been through two wars, many conflicts, and many Prime Ministers. They’ve also established new campuses throughout Australia as well as overseas Their teachers have created a culture filled with learning and growth for thousands of children. However, they’ve been there for one reason being a world-class school for the world.

Expecting more, offering more

Haileybury has high expectations of its teachers and students. For the senior school, they hope that 50 percent of their students will be within the top 10% of academic achievement in Australia and 75% are of them in the top 20 percent of the country, and 90% of them should be among the top 30 percent. They expect that the students who graduate will possess strong academic core skills, an extensive analytical ability, and will be able to operate in a constantly changing world.

Haileybury provides a variety of opportunities to engage with the world for students. This includes staying at The Haileybury Senior School, Tianjin (China) as well as attending partner schools from Timor Leste, Japan, France as well as in the UK along with the US.

There are also great opportunities for involvement through Haileybury Rendall School in Darwin.


Helping their students develop academically and socially

At Haileybury they adhere to the idea that “Every student counts all the time’. Learning begins at an early age by utilizing flexible and imaginative programs offered in Haileybury’s Early Learning Centres. Numeracy and literacy skills are taught through explicit instruction during the Junior Years.

Through the Middle Years a combination of explicit instruction and student-centered learning is employed to expand the scope of thinking and problem solving. A stimulating year 9 development program gives students the chance for students to develop confidence and self-reliance. The three-year VCE Program for Senior Years, in conjunction with the wide array of subject options will ensure that there is a program that will meet the needs of every student’s interests and skills.

Their academic programs are enriched by Haileybury’s dedication to a solid personal and social wellbeing program that is focused on achieving potential, fostering resilience in individuals as well as the growth of character values. Haileybury is a firm believer in the values of social justice and respect for self and others and is dedicated to educating their students in this way. They’re steadfastly committed to maintaining a positive, trusting relationship and a consensual agenda.

Innovative and immersing

Haileybury is among the most innovative and entrepreneurial school in Australia. The creation of Melbourne’s premier vertically-oriented school the extensive educational programs across Asia and the establishment the Haileybury Rendall School in Darwin are examples of this. In the year 2017, Haileybury was one of the very first Australian school to allow students to begin an experiment space via the International Space Station. Being a Haileybury student means to be part of an entrepreneurial institution.


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