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Ironman 4×4

Ironman 4x4

Ironman 4×4 products are manufactured in Australia and sold throughout the world. The company was founded in 1958 as a Melbourne manufacturer of suspension parts that was named Jacob Spring Works. The company was incorporated in 1982. form in 1982 as JSW Parts, (short for Jacob Spring Works) to develop and manufacture coil springs and leaf springs for cars, trucks, or 4×4 cars. JSW Parts soon became well recognized as a manufacturer and distributor of suspension parts across the globe.

In 1988, JSW Parts launched the Ironman 4×4 brand of suspension and springs parts to meet the growing popularity of 4×4 cars, realizing that suspension systems weren’t built to handle more barbells and winches and additional fuel tanks. Driven by the booming sales of 4×4’sin 2004, the Ironman 4×4 line of products increased rapidly to meet the demands of those who prefer off road solutions that would permit their vehicles to be off-road with additional accessories such as winches recovery equipment, bars for protection lights, canopy covers, and electrical improvements.

The enormous continent that is Australia can be used as a perfect test site for Ironman 4×4 equipment So whether you’re traveling through the desert in search of adventure, or simply driving your kids to school in your local area, Ironman 4×4 can offer high-end and affordable prices.
A variety of military and fleet organisations across the globe have recognized the superior design and production of Ironman 4×4 products. Alongside these tough products, Ironman 4×4 products are widely used by teams competing in off-road events and drivers and have been successful in completing Dakar Rally. Dakar Rally.

Ironman 4×4 products are available in their numerous warehouses, including Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane, Townsville, South Australia and Perth. Each warehouse is computer-linked directly to the National Call Centre at the Melbourne Head Office, whilst Ironman 4×4’s international warehouses and offices are run via Ironman 4×4 Thailand along with Ironman 4×4 South Africa.

Ironman 4×4 offers excellent value-for-money solutions for all areas of the 4×4 business, and with an open and innovative approach, regardless of commercial, military or recreational use, Ironman 4×4 can assure you that you’re using top-quality products.


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