Keysborough Gardens Primary School

Keysborough Gardens Primary School

Keysborough Gardens Primary School officially opened its doors on 28th January, 2020. The enrollment for 2022 has gradually increased to 350 students, and an arrangement consisting of 16 classes. The estimated long-term projected enrollment ranges from 550 to 600 students.

The school is situated on an encircling 2.2 acres site located in Keysborough South, approximately 27 kilometers south-east from Melbourne and 7km from Port Phillip Bay. In an area that was previously comprised of semi-rural and market gardens homes, Keysborough South is now experiencing significant growth in residential development.

Keysborough Gardens Primary School serves the ever-growing and multi-cultural community, with a large portion of the students born overseas.

The two levels of the main building contain a variety of flexible collaborative learning spaces, explicit instruction glassed rooms, presentation spaces, quiet reading or small group nooks, specialist art, science and creative activities labs, games and construction/storytelling settings and toilets.

The Performing Arts and Physical Education building is well-equipped and fully-integrated sports stadium and performing arts center. It has a huge gym as well as a performing Arts room as well as an Chinese Mandarin teaching space, the school’s canteen and toilets, as well as staff offices and service areas. The facility also houses their Before and After School Care program.

The grounds have tennis courts as well as outdoor learning areas. an amphitheater, a grassed playing field, as well as the Prep and Year 6 playground. Additional ground-related projects, including another playing field, shade sails, and an outdoor stage are scheduled to be completed by 2022.

The structure of school classes is expected to continue to change to the growth in enrollment. In 2022, straight classes will be available in Prep, Years 1, and Year 2, with the possibility of combining classes in 3/4 as well as 5/6. Home groups will be created in all classes, a differentiated curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each student.

A wide range of specialization programs are available including Physical Education and the Performing Arts and Arts and Sciences, Visual Arts as well as Mandarin. A Learning Enhancement/Individual Needs program is provided with a growing number of extra-curricular enrichment programs completing the comprehensive curriculum provision.

The profile of staffing is based on the foundations of a highly efficient Professional Learning Community, recruiting teachers with a variety of teaching experience, backgrounds, and experience.

Teachers and leaders in the Keysborough Gardens PS Keysborough Gardens PS demonstrate an enthusiasm for and a strong commitment to inquiry-based pedagogythat is grounded in research, informed by continuous assessment and driven by the individual learning data of each student. They have a desire to collaborate in teaching and planning within high-tech classrooms that are flexible for learning. They thrive in a culture of collaboration and collective effectiveness and possess a positive outlook. They relish the challenges that bring with joining an entirely new school, and are aware of their essential contribution to the overall improvement of schools.

Teachers and leaders in Keysborough Gardens PS are also committed to the emotional, social emotional and academic development of each student. The foundation of everything they do is the ability to focus on the development of their students and also their own development as top-quality teachers.

Education Support staff are important part of the overall success at the institution in a variety of ways, both in administration as well as in the classrooms.

The values of Kindness empathy, Gratitude, Empathy Respect and Excellence are the foundation of everyday interactions of every member of Keysborough Gardens. Keysborough Gardens school community.

Keysborough Gardens: Keysborough Gardens they:

Show kindness and use every opportunity to assist others who might be in need.

Show empathy by taking a look and understanding what you feel about someone else by “putting themselves in someone else’s shoes.”

Show gratitude by appreciating, appreciating and acknowledging the things and people they are blessed with in their lives.

Respect their school, themselves as well as each other be aware that their behaviours and attitudes affect those around them.

Be a Strive for Excellence by putting in their best effort and achieving their personal best. Individually. Collectively.

Keysborough Gardens Primary School was one of the 10 new schools created as part of the Growth Area Schools Project (GASP) by the Victorian School Building Authority for the Victorian Department of Education. The schools were created to unite communities from different regions providing learning paths starting from the beginning of childhood through graduate and post-graduate studies.

In 2015, residents started campaigning for an area school to be constructed. The announcement was made in April of 2018 that a new school would be constructed on an area of 2.5 hectare site, and would be operational at the beginning of January in 2020.

The community workshops in 2018 were held to explore how the school and wider community could interact with one and with one another. Principal forums were organized to discuss learning and learners and diversity, community, well-being, sustainability and technology.

Construction began in the second quarter of 2018 with a school vertical design that was chosen. The main building, which is two floors high, consists of staff offices, reception Meeting rooms, and Library. In addition, there are teaching spaces, specific instruction areas as well as collaborative learning areas as well as presentation areas and quiet reading corners. The second floor is home to specific instruction areas, collaborative learning spaces, stories telling spaces, and quiet reading areas, along with the creative, science and art lab spaces.

Created to facilitate after-hours community usage as well as school activities, the Performing Arts and Physical Education (PAPE) building houses an incredibly well-equipped sporting and performing arts facility. There is a gym, hall of music, foyer/informal area for learning with a cafeteria and restrooms.


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