Lighthouse Christian College

Lighthouse Christian College

Lighthouse Christian College is a Christian private school with co-educational classes offering all levels of education, from kindergarten (3-year-old) through V.C.E. (Year 12).

The Lighthouse Christian College community Lighthouse Christian College shares a shared vision which is that this Christian institution is the extension of the Christian home, offering an education that is based on a close connection with Jesus Christ, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and Biblical truth.

The College was established through the Lighthouse Christian Community Centre (an Assemblies of God church that is affiliated to Australia’s Australian Christian Churches). The college’s education program is provided to the benefit of all faiths and denominations, providing families with a variety in ethnic background.

This college has grown rapidly from its humble beginnings in 1989 and has since grown to an established and recognized educational institution. Keysborough campus Keysborough campus is located on the 4.5 acres Lighthouse Christian Community Centre property and is expected to have the future enrollment of around 925 students. The College plans to also establish other campuses, in conjunction with local churches.

Lighthouse Christian College is affiliated to Christian Schools Australia (CSA) which is an all-Australian association of Christian schools. The College is committed to the ongoing expansion of the entire Christian School movements. Lighthouse Christian College also is a part of both the Australian Association of Christian Schools (AACS) as well as the Association with Independent Schools of Victoria (ISV).

Lighthouse Christian College operates under the direction of LCC and adheres to all civil requirements. LCC is commited to upholding the Child Safe Standards, Ministerial Order 870.

They are committed to ensuring compliance with the civil laws as well as their college has been accredited by Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) as well as the Victorian Department of Human Services. Lighthouse Christian College supports and encourages the values and practices of Australian democratic principles in accordance with Australian laws. The staff at Lighthouse Christian College have been properly trained and all teachers are certified by the Victorian Institute of Teachers. Their curriculum is in line with The Victorian C and A Authority, and their graduates are qualified for university admission via their Victorian ATAR process. The lessons they teach follow the national guidelines for curriculum.


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