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Murray River Organics is a proud Australian producer of products, manufacturers, and marketers of organic natural, healthier, and more nutritious food items.

They strive to be the leader in the promotion of the organic lifestyle and creating the highest quality healthy products and products to offer their clients, as well as bringing scale and global source to help organics be available to all of their customers. They believe that everyone deserves the best food that is sustainable and healthy.

The first company to pioneer large-scale organic environmentally sustainable methods, Murray River Organics promotes well-being through its unique range of premium Australian food products and distributes it all over the world. They are the biggest completely integrated manufacturer of dried organic grapes around the globe.

They manage and own 11 properties and more than 9000 acres in Sunraysia for the production of dried vines and table grapes, and citrus. They also support more than 35 farming families that are members of MRO’s Dried Vine grower community.

They run two certified organic processing facilities. They are located in Mourquong, New South Wales situated close to their vineyards, the dried fruit is classified, dehydrated and processed before being packaged and then distributed to export and domestic consumers.

In the Dandenong, Victoria facility, they recently finished a value-added processing facility with seven processing lines running with a variety of packing capabilities that can provide rapid-paced innovation to the market.

From their offices at Melbourne, Sunraysia, Japan and China they serve customers across the world in the wholesale products, wholesale, and ingredients industries, providing innovative offerings of their own brands such as Murray River Organics, Gobble, Premium Australian Clusters and Murray River Wholefoods.

Murray River Organics is committed to sustaining its growth, while making sure to use environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and business practices to offer consumers around the world with the chance to live an enlightened way of eating snacks, eating, and living.

They create organic and healthier products through farming and sourcing premium ingredients, as they believe that everyone wants clean, sustainable and healthy food.

They choose the world they wish to live in through the choices they make They choose organic. They believe that everybody is entitled to healthy, delicious and healthy, nutritious food. This is healthier for you and for the planet.

They constantly strive to improve the lives of the planet and people. Innovation drives taste, nutrition, and the natural environment, moving towards an environmentally sustainable future for all.

They seek to better understand the soil on which their products is grown. Together with their growers and farmers to advocate for their organic revolution. Local or global, they are stronger.

They don’t have anything to hide. Being organic means, they are able to assure traceability and quality in every aspect of their ecosystem that is vertically interconnected. This gives their clients assurance that the most stringent organic and environmental standards are always met.

They believe that nature can give. They try to work in harmony with her and instead of against. Through harnessing her power, they can minimize their carbon footprint while keeping their ingredients lists tidy.

Being large isn’t always an issue. Being bigger means that they have the ability to create a bigger impact. As the largest producer in Australia of dried vine fruits that are organic, they try to leverage their size and size for positive results.


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