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NaanDanJain Irrigation Ltd

NaanDanJain Irrigation Ltd

NaanDanJain Australia

NaanDanJain Australia is an auxiliary of NaanDanJain Irrigation of Israel, who are thusly are entirely claimed by Jain Irrigation Systems of India. As a component of Jain Irrigation, they approach the greatest scope of water system gear and can offer answers for all producers paying little mind to their harvest. They can supply sprinkler, miniature sprinkler and dribble water system frameworks along with valve, filtration, observing and control choices.


Naan, Dan and Jain in Australia

NaanDan Australia was shaped in 2004 and moved into their office and stockroom situated in Dandenong South, roughly 30km SE of Melbourne. Before this both Naan and Dan items, sprinklers, miniature sprinklers and trickle water system, were showcased by different water system merchants. Naan sprinklers have been sold in Australia since the last part of the 1970’s. In June 2007 Jain Irrigation of India bought half of NaanDan Irrigation to shape NaanDanJain. Jain is one of the world’s driving organizations, fabricating and dispersing water system items, PVC what’s more poly channeling, PVC sheeting, green houses, sun-based siphoning, boiling water and power age frameworks, just as tissue culture creation and is additionally a huge food grown from the ground processor.

Dribble line creation stopped in Australia in 2010 and trickle water system items are currently imported, from lndia and Israel, and at times from other assembling auxiliaries inside the NaanDanJain bunch.

Jain Irrigation bought the excess half of NaanDanJain in May 2012. In 2017 Jain Irrigation bought Observant, a farming telemetry and control organization situated in Melbourne. In 2018 Briggs Irrigation UK, a producer of blast irrigators, turned into a Jain Irrigation organization.

Naan and Dan have been notable in the Australia water system industry for a long time. The Dan Modular scope of miniature sprinklers and the Naan 5022 effect sprinklers are, for instance, still essentially the very items that have been sold for north of 30 years. These sprinklers have both been replicated by various organizations throughout the long term, (counting the absolute biggest ones!) however the firsts are as yet the innovators in their individual fields.

In 2013 NaanDanJain turned into the sole Australian merchant of the RAF metal and plastic valve range produced by Raphael in Israel. They likewise sell filtration frameworks from Yamit and Amiad; and checking and control frameworks from Observant, Jain Logic and Gavish, every one of the three Jain Irrigation Organizations. This, along with the steadily growing reach from Jain in India and the US, gives them a total reach to meet your water system prerequisites.


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