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Otes Green Pty Ltd

Otes Green Pty Ltd

Otes Green was founded in 2008 and throughout the years, they have witnessed the rapid evolution of furnishings in Australia. The company has over 30 years’ experience in the field, starting from production to selling but they are always on the cutting edge of minds and are constantly exploring new possibilities and boundaries in furniture as well as with lifestyle items. They aim to be competitive in the market with an open mind, fresh ideas and appealing and distinctive offerings to satisfy the ever-changing demands of the lifestyle market.

Are you looking to manage your risk for stock levels during these challenging times? Otes Green offers competitive and appealing products that can be shipped individually directly to stores via Otes Green’s Dandenong South warehouse, batch buy using any of their containers mixed or direct containers for the most popular products, ensuring you’re in control and can balance your margins and expenses.

Otes Green is well known for its excellent service and speedy delivery. They’ll make sure that the products you select are in stock, since they typically keep more than 90 percent of the goods in stock, which means that should you ever need to close a deal, they’ll have the right products to help you.

In their 8th year of operations within Melbourne, Otes Green constantly adapt to changing market trends, utilizing their experience, particularly regarding MDF products, rigorous quality control and in-house capacity for design, they introduce new high-quality and reliable models each year to increase sales and increase your brand’s visibility.


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