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Ozeparts is among the leaders in the field of the distribution of automotive parts in Australia.

They are proud to offer top quality auto parts and excellent customer service and the most affordable prices that are guaranteed. Their mission is to become the best “Parts Partner” in the automobile business.

Ozeparts offers a variety of automotive components, and their collection of items includes body panels like bonnets, guards, and boot lids, cooling ranges consisting of air condensers, radiators and fans; plastic parts like grilles and bumpers and their top on-line selling product ranges that include doors, mirrors, head lights and taillights, fog lamps badges, accessories and badges.

They choose their products selectively from all over the world and only those that meet the strict requirements of their company will be purchased and added to it onto their shelves because they value their customers and want to make sure they receive the finest components. They will always ensure that the lowest prices are offered to their customers but at the same time, they will not compromise on the quality of the product to ensure a high level of satisfaction with their customers. They conducted extensive research on every product with regard to “price vs quality” balancing for each product they purchased. They source new authentic factory parts for the latest models as well as aftermarket reproduction parts for older models. In many instances they can provide both high-quality parts and allow customers to get the “choice” of parts for repairs to their vehicle.

Logistics are at ease with Ozeparts because their expert logistics team can provide a wide array of solutions for shipping for customers. If you have large orders with a large quantity or a small amount like a single item, they can bring them at the cheapest charges. For the item that you purchased, there will be a typical delivery time of three working days. If your address is within their delivery zone, they can be able to deliver the item within the same day or the next day without additional cost. Another option is purchasing the product heavy items such as bonnets, tailgates and so on.

Shop with Ozeparts and you’ll be sure that you will pay the lowest cost because they go beyond just price match, they will beat prices. (t&c applicable) In order to offer the lowest prices for you They give credit to their experienced and well-trained team who continuously improve themselves in order to offer you with a pleasant and stress-free shopping experience. A higher efficiency in their operation and warehouse has clearly reduced costs of operation and they are delighted to offer the savings to customers. This is the most important aspect in how they can keep their competitiveness in the market.


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