Sirius College – Keysborough Campus (Prep – Year 12)

Sirius College - Keysborough Campus (Prep - Year 12)

In an age of technological and moral turmoil it can be a struggle to keep up with the changing trends. It is the goal of Sirius College to guide and assist students to not only deal with these changes, but also to make them more effective. In Sirius College they welcome students from all religious and ethnic backgrounds. They believe in the creation of a non-denominational institution and believe that the most important element of the school is its humaneness. They provide their students with an atmosphere of peace and compassion, encouraging the appreciation and respect for the living world.

The main focus at Sirius College is their students. They strive to offer an education that balances academic excellence on one hand, as well as moral and ethical values to the contrary. So, their students are able to take on the challenging life by benefitting from two wings. Their balanced education is provided by their team members who are not just committed to the academic success of their students but also act as role examples.

The students also have the opportunity to build strong bonds between themselves through the arrangement of pastoral care events. They also benefit from the guidance of their mentors, who offer assistance throughout the difficult teenage times.

Education goes beyond the curriculum, since changes and changes in the curriculum don’t ensure emotional, social or academic progress. It is the interactions between children’s peers and adults and their interactions with their teachers and parents that foster growth, and is the foundation of a great education. In Sirius College these relationships are supportive, nurturing and loving.

The development of a close bond with parents can be of immense significance to the school’s culture, and is a crucial factor in the education success of their pupils. It is due to the constant support and encouragement of parents that children are motivated to do their highest at home as well as at school.

Sirius College is proud of its standing for having one of the top universities in Victoria remarkable, and that’s since its very first graduates. They are proud of their accomplishments and are grateful for the assistance of the community that have contributed to the establishment of Sirius College.

In the 1980s, few Australian Turkish volunteers saw a pressing need to provide educational services for Turkish Australian youth who were socially and economically disadvantaged in the period.

They propagated the concept of educating and raising the younger generation to be A golden generation that has values like integrity, compassion, respect and determination. The concept was spread through various events such as workshops, conferences, discussions as well as seminars, lectures and camps to help members of the community aware of the necessity.

This is why the volunteers formed an organization for community development that was non-profit in 1988. They licensed with the name Selimiye Foundation Ltd. at the beginning of 1992.

The Foundation began by establishing a Boarding House, in 1992 in order to offer the youth with support in their schooling and the growth of moral values, independence, as well as improvement in social abilities. At the close of the season, a tuition center was set up to assist seniors with the opportunity to prepare for university examinations.

At this point, Selimiye Foundation members decided the creation of a school could help them in growing the next generation of golden children. This is how Sirius College (formerly known as ISIK College) was finally founded at the end of 1997, on the old Eastmeadows primary school site. It was more than 10 years since these passionate volunteers first set out to meet the needs of the new generation.

Sirius College commenced its operation officially in February 1997, with just 28 students. But by the end of the first academic year, enrollments had nearly doubled as Sirius College completed its first year with 60 students.

A huge demand from the community led to enrollment of students to exceed 250 the next year 1998. In 1998, we also witnessed the debut of the Junior Secondary. Alongside the rapid growth on the campus (former) Geelong Campus commenced the operation of an elementary school in that same time.

The year 1999 was the time that (former) Mildura Campus was established as a primary school.

In 2001, two years after the event, Keysborough Campus (formerly known as Dandenong Campus) started its operation to provide primary students, with the aim of providing junior secondary education in the years to come.

The year 2005 was the first time that Shepparton Campus commenced its operation as primary school. In the same year Meadow Fair Campus (formerly known as Upfield Campus) also commenced its operations at the temporary site of Upfield Campus to offer year 7-12 education programs for boys only.

In the year 2010 Ibrahim Dellal, Sunshine Campus was established in the form of a school for children at first. The school also underwent additional changes in the year 2010. Meadow Fair Campus was relocated to its new location in this same time. Mildura Campus was shut down as a regular primary school and began being a tutoring centre and a weekend language school.

In the year 2011, Geelong Campus was moved and merged with Ibrahim Dellal, Sunshine Campus which offers co-educational courses for the years Prep-10.

Since January of 2013, the school’s named changed its name ‘ISIK college” to “Sirius College”.

The year 2015 saw Dallas Campus opened as the sixth Sirius College and grade 6 students attend Eastmeadows Campus located there.

Since its beginning, Sirius College has grown beyond expectations to meet the huge demand from the community. The college has grown to over 3000 students on all campuses by 2022. This comprises Australian children of all denominations. This was made possible through the complete participation of the community as well as their constant attention and generosity.

Presently, Sirius College plays an important role in educating the next generations through its outstanding academics and disciplined learning and is continuing to be a major contributor to our future in Australia.


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