South Eastern Masonic Centre

South Eastern Masonic Centre

Freemasonry is among the most ancient and most prestigious fraternal association across the world. Freemasonry is a social organization that unites millions of people across the globe and in a manner of friendship regardless of nationalities religious beliefs, political ideologies, religions and backgrounds. The organization has around 5 million members around the world, including more than 12,000 members in Victoria. Modern Freemasonry has its roots in 17th Century and proudly maintains its traditions from earlier times. This makes Freemasonry unique in the world of.

A fundamental way of living

Freemasonry is a way of life that offers the feeling of belonging and of personal development.

The principles that the Freemason is required to live his life, are built on tolerance, equality in the workplace, and a sense of honour and charity. They seek spiritual awakening and personal development in order to achieve attaining moral perfection. Freemasons live by these values by showing respect and tolerance to the views of other people being kind and compassion, and demonstrating compassion and charity for their community.

The Freemasonry community recognizes the value of all religious beliefs and doesn’t exclude anyone from membership because of race, religion, or political affiliation. Freemasons must affirm an underlying belief in a God or Supreme Being (the particular of this belief is considered personal to each individual).

Freemasons strive to improve their lives by pursuing the improvement of the world through wide involvement in the community. Freemasonry is a great source of assistance at all levels, starting with local efforts to global relief projects, such as those of the Tools for Timor and Eplitiya projects.

Freemasons from Victoria have been involved throughout the world for more than 170 years, and played a significant role in the growth of Melbourne. They also founded their own Royal Freemasons Homes of Victoria in 1867 for treatment of elderly people in their final stages and also the Freemasons Hospital in 1937 to take care of Freemason members and their families.

The South Eastern Masonic Centre Association Inc.

The South Eastern Masonic Centre is home to several Lodges. They operate as an official association that oversees the day-to-day operations and administration of the center.


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