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The best way to clean different types of surfaces in your home.
The best way to clean different types of surfaces in your home. 2

You will undoubtedly accumulate several different items and surfaces that need to be kept clean and tidy throughout your life. This is especially true in the home. Surfaces such as countertops and cabinets may need more frequent cleaning than other surfaces to keep them fresh and free from dust. There are numerous ways to keep these surfaces clean and fresh, but the best method to use depends upon what type of surface is being cleaned.

Generally, when cleaning surfaces in your home that cannot be cleaned with water, you should always use a product that specifies it is meant for cleaning the specific surface. For example, glass cleaners are designed to clean windows and mirrors, whereas non-abrasive surface cleaners are designed for use on surfaces such as vinyl and plastic. If you have a question about whether a product is self-explanatory or should be used on another surface, always ask yourself what type of material the product container is made of. This will give you your first clue about what kind of surfaces it can be used on.

The following list highlights the different types of surfaces found in a home and the best method to clean each one:

  • Wood furnishings, cabinets, and floors – To keep wood looking its best, it is necessary to use either a liquid wax or paste wax product. Paste wax is usually preferable as it provides more lubrication than liquid wax, preventing scratching.
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile – Tile flooring generally requires a specific type of cleaner to keep it looking brand new. The best method for cleaning ceramic or porcelain tile is an acidic cleaner that can cut through grease and grime. Be sure to read the product label to ensure it is safe for use on a tile.
  • Countertops – Kitchen countertops may be made from various materials, from laminated particleboard to granite and marble. In most cases, you can safely clean these surfaces with a non-abrasive cleaner that is safe for use on the specific type of material your countertop is made from.
  • Vinyl and plastic – Non-abrasive cleaners can usually safely clean vinyl or plastic surfaces. If a particular cleaner specifies that it cannot be used to clean vinyl, you should always follow this instruction as attempting to do so could damage the surface.
  • Linoleum – Linoleum usually contains materials similar to vinyl and thus can be cleaned with the same products. Before use, be sure to check the product label to ensure it is safe for this type of surface.
  • Carpeted flooring – Cleaning carpeted floors requires a vacuum cleaner and either a dry or wet cleaning solution. If the carpeted flooring is located in a high traffic area, you will probably want to use a wet cleaning solution that loosens and removes dirt from the surface. High-quality vacuum cleaners provide better results than lower-priced models.

A professional cleaner can effectively and efficiently clean surfaces throughout your home. These professionals will be able to choose the most appropriate cleaners and methods for specific types of surfaces, ensuring that your home looks its best all year round.

If you have any additional questions about cleaning your home and different types of surfaces, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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