United Fasteners Keysborough

United Fasteners Keysborough

They’re the largest independent distributor in Australia of products for fastening and industrial products and.

In the past, they have earned themselves the status of market leaders and have been recognized for their exceptional service, prompt delivery, competitiveness and comprehensive solutions.

They carry a broad assortment of products, which include fasteners and fixings and cutting tools, abrasives sealants, adhesives, hand tools, lubricants safety, construction chemicals materials handling, petrochemicals and other special manufacturing.

Their team of more than 250people is specialists in the field of technology and are solution-oriented with a deep understanding of the product and extensive experience in the sourcing of fastening products and industrial products.

They’re motivated to fully comprehend their clients’ needs and desires.

They are proud to offer the most value for money, high-quality assured products, by knowledgeable technical experts, efficiently efficient and with the highest quality and reliability available on the market.

A huge selection of products

They have over 75,000 product SKUs, which are sourced from more than 500 reliable suppliers. Their selection includes: fixers and fasteners as well as abrasives, cutting instruments sealants, adhesives hand tools, lubricants construction chemicals, safety, materials handling, petrochemicals, and other special manufacturing.

Management of relationships

They continuously review and evaluate their processes in order to increase their efficiency and effectiveness and ensure they meet the expectations of their customers. They collaborate to predict future usages and volumes They then bargain with their suppliers to ensure they reduce the effects of inflation and volatility in pricing.

Expertise in technology

The team members are skilled and solutions-oriented individuals determined to understand fully their customers’ needs and desires. From initial project planning to implementation, they provide guidance and support for specification along the process.

National distribution

They are a national company that spans 13 branches throughout Australia. Their national reach, along with their mobile and on-the-go sales teams, allows them to satisfy the requirements of their clients regardless of where they are.

They’re very proud of their past. As a family-owned Australian independent They take excellent care of their customers and their employees.

Management of inventory

They also aid in streamlining and make easier purchasing, procurement materials management, warehousing manufacturing, maintenance and purchasing processes. They do this through the use of inventory management tools like consignment stock, kanban containers on-site for storage, and customized packaging.

Same day delivery

They’re an authentic logistical partner and offer delivery on the same day for every item in the standard range. Their goal is to deliver high-quality items on time and with the least cost effective method. With afternoon and morning run They work to meet your needs and guarantee speedy delivery.

Corporate social responsibility

They meet all corporate social obligations. They recognize their environmental and social responsibilities and work to minimize the negative impact of their business actions to the natural environment.


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