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United Stone Melbourne

United Stone Melbourne

Hello and welcome the home of United Stone Melbourne, a family-owned and operated business. Through United Stone Melbourne, you can enjoy the convenience of dealing with one business, and they complete your kitchen remodeling in a single day. It’s that simple!

The most common method of renovating your benchtops can take anywhere from between 6 and 8 weeks making your kitchen inactive. action. However, using this United Stone Melbourne process, they can have your kitchen functional the very within the same day. They make use of QuartzStone12 which is a real engineered stone that is 12mm thick and placed over the top of the existing benchtop (Laminate Granite, Marble, Timber and Tiled Granite as well as the Old Caesarstone benchtop) also known as the overlay method typically done with an epoxy resin/fiberglass mixture of 6mm with a tiny amount of granite flecks to give the appearance of granite.

United Stone Melbourne was the first company in Australia to develop and produce 12-millimetre manufactured Quartz Stone slabs. They are ideal for overlay applications and also as brand-new stone bench tops that can be used in Ikea kitchens that are flat-pack.

United Stone Melbourne, being the top company on this Stone Benchtop field, have put a lot of effort and resources to figure out the most effective methods for creating, substrating and installing of your benchtops made of stone. The majority of the companies will employ 3mm MDF template. This is perfect if you’ve a cabinet maker who is building your own custom kitchen. However, when you’re looking for redesigning your kitchen, the process is completely different.

They, in 2011 made the decision that the use of MDF template templates wasn’t anymore an option due to the growing size that the item was causing. It’s true that it’s acceptable that other businesses use MDF templates since this is the sole method, they have to create stone benchtops. However, United Stone Melbourne being the most innovative Kitchen Renovation company had to modify their templating procedure. They were able to incorporate the most unique laser templating system for their templating procedure. This meant they did not have to unplug the cooktops, sinks, tiles or splashbacks , or laminate benchtops in order to measure the existing benchtop to be renovated or for granite benchtops. Everything would stay in place, and they could design your kitchen benchtops within 45 minutes with no disruption any way.

The current year, 2017 is a huge help with over 30,000 projects so far efficiently and efficiently.

United Stone Melbourne will arrange plumbers’ electrical electricians, tilers, and an handyman according to the requirements of your job. They will transform your kitchen from old to contemporary stone benchtops and stone splashbacks in one day. Guaranteed! All of the work is cut and ready at the Dandenong South factory and with their machine-controlled laser, they’re in a position to automatize the production to ensure that your benchtops are cut and ready for easy installation each time. If you already have splashbacks you wish keep United Stone Melbourne will simply apply the new stone on the tiles rather than cutting them as other companies cut them like other companies might.

They promise not to harm any splashbacks you have, regardless of whether it’s tiles, glass or stainless steel. In the case of United Stone Melbourne, all their work is covered with an assurance of 15 years, having completed more than 30,000 projects in Victoria You can be sure that you’ll be in safe hands. Call 97913720 for an appointment today.


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