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The leader in testing Inspection, Testing as well as Certification services. Warringtonfire is there to ensure that the products, materials and processes they test, examine and confirm for their clients are safe, high-quality and compliant. They are also suited to their intended use.

What they provide is certainty to the sectors where service failure is not an option.

Warringtonfire has a long-standing history and tradition which they are proud of. They are able to trace their beginnings back nearly fifty years and all the way back to.

They are an international testing company, inspection and certification that provides essential services for materials testing and product qualification testing. They also provide examination and certification for customers in the Fire and Building Products marketplace which is where failure is not an alternative.

Everything Warringtonfire can do is designed to assist their customers create better processes and products that bring their products out on time, saving money and time; and reduce the risk that comes with process and product development as well as production of products.
Their goal as a company is simple. They assist their customers to ensure that the materials, products, and processes they test, check and validate for their clients regardless of the business areas they work in are safe for their final use; are of a high-quality and marketable standard and are in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards and ultimately are fit to be used.

The first laboratory for testing purpose built by Warringtonfire was inaugurated in 1975.

Following a management takeover that took place in the year 1986 Warringtonfire expanded its services, which now include certifications and inspections and consultancy services.

Since 2006, Warringtonfire was through various ownership changes, before becoming an element of the Element Group in June 2017.

Today Warringtonfire as part of Element is part of Element, which has an international network that includes more than 6,000 professionals working out of more than 200 labs, spread across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

They are the fastest-growing testing inspection, inspection, certification and calibration industry worldwide.


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